About FER Menswear

FER looks to redefine the classic men’s tailored jacket in creative and unexpected ways, through the use of non-traditional cuts, fabrics generally not used in suiting, and the inventive use of details -pipings, cuffs, paneling, non traditional openings or seams. The brand was born from the designer’s passion for jackets, recognizing that fabrics used in suiting were constantly limiting product choice, colour and styles. Conceived initially as a “jacket only” brand, complemented by shirts, thematically in line with the jackets, it quickly expanded to coats, trousers and a select range of accessories including cummerbunds, belts and bracelets, creating the full FER look.

The brand is cleverly positioned between discreteness of a traditional suit and more avant-garde alternatives. Constantly toying between neo-dandy style and futurism, FER offers new alternatives that the conservative man would not have previously considered wearing.

Designer Profile

Fernando Moncho Lobo

Following a life-long career in finance and with an innate passion for aesthetics, Fernando Moncho Lobo launched FER in London in early 2013. Fernando grew up in Argentina and spent a significant, and perhaps the most defining time of his life in New York. He has been based in London since 2007. Constantly travelling between New York, Europe and Asia, and having lived for a period of time in Hong Kong, he was exposed to critical moments in men’s fashion since the early 90s in some of the most creative and trend-setting cities. “While I was surrounded by a conservative menswear style at work, cities like New York, London or Hong Kong offer you a thousand opportunities to be transgressive in style”. These impressions best characterize the concept upon which FER was conceived and created.

Upon his arrival in London Fernando first tasted the waters of the fashion métier in womenswear. His time spent on the women’s wholesale circuit and scouting factories and textile fairs led Fernando to crystallise his own design ideas into FER. “I could not stop myself from going into this direction and thus the brand was born”. The brand has enjoyed rapid commercial success since launch, but in Fernando’s view the most rewarding of all aspects is for a creation to take its own identity. Departing from an exercise of dressing yourself evolves into the creation of a completely different style persona - The Urban Superhero. This conception first liberates you and then captures you through its own independence. “The enjoyment of this constant tension is where my passion thrives”.

The URBAN SUPERHERO does not wear spandex

Long gone are the days of asphyxiating polyester suits. The urban superhero will not be caught dead in a spandex costume and his first mantra is super-stylish. Abandon once and for all your comic books; they inspired Lichtenstein in the 1960s. Instead, embrace the technical revolution that has turned the textile industry on its head and realign your superpowers wearing highly technical wools and nano-developed protective coatings.

Aside from his never failing yet ever daring style, the urban superhero can only be recognized by those habits that just seem to fall a tad out the ordinary. He swims to work, runs for a rest, arrives unannounced and leaves almost unnoticed. Multi-presence is second nature to him, and making a bang is not even necessary - nature gave him That Devilish Flame. And nothing falls short when it comes to gadgets compared to his multi-coloured, spandex-suited predecessors. The simple fact is: who needs a bat cave for rubber suits when the jackets in your closet hold all the extra magic you need? For flying, Retractable Megawings and Mile High Propellers that mimetise in perfectly tailored seams. The Rechargeable Power Cape, just another smart, two-vented marvel piece. Is a casual conversation becoming shoulder heavy? Hail the Instant Drama Deterrent. But do not let the seemingly traditional tailoring fool you. The urban superhero is not colour-shy and his impreceptible zippers carry secrets that will leave you wondering what was that After Hour Maneuver, wishing he would come around At Least Twice a Day.